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Congratulations to 2022 SGA Hall of Fame member, Bill Cembor

Bill was welcomed by 2012 Hall of Fame inductee Bill Suehs, and by Jean Harrington, whose husband Dick was inducted in 2013.

"It has been 12 years since I joined SGA," said Bill Cembor. "I lost my wife, Janet, 15 years ago to a rare type of cancer. Paul & Sue Rudder, SGA members who were members of my Sunday School class, invited me to join SGA. At the first event I attended, something in my head and my heart said, 'This is where I belong.'

"In all these 12 years and 64 SGA events, I have thoroughly enjoyed the places we've played, and the friends I've made. I especially thank Jean Harrington, and  Janie Risley and Bill Suehs who flew from Texas here to Sea Island especially to celebrate with me, and I send greetings to, and wish that Carol Preston could have been here with us. It's great to see longtime friends Loretta & Ted Thranhardt, and all of you here with the Senior Golfers of America. I am looking forward to many more SGA events. Thank you, everyone." 


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