Tournament Coverage

December 2017 - Christmas at The Cloister

Champions: Mary Ann Emerson & Bryant Barnes
Net Champions: Linda Lago & Tom Coleman 





October 2017 - Tournament of Oranges

Champions: Ken Rabalais & Janet Schroeder 
Net Champions: Arleen Egan & Darrell Measel 

October 2017 - Colonial Classic

Champions: Rick Stallings & Judy Brown
Net Champions: Susan Ponchock & Dick Brown




August 2017 - Pacific Northwest Championship

Champions: Betsy Davison & Linton Moyer
Net Champions: Ken Rabalais & Arleen Egan

July 2017 - Italian Excursion

Champions: Mary Ann Emerson & Bob Keene
Net Champions: Jim Cocolin & Kay Braziel


July 2017 - St. Andrews

Champions: Jim Herranga & Jean Shropshire
Net Champions: Marge Fredericks & Tom Coleman


June 2017 - Mountain Masters

Champions: John Ponchock, Isa Von Hessert, Irene Dionne & Roger Dionne
Net Champions: Sharon Werner, Betsy Fluhme, Rick Stallings, & Frank Beam

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April 2017 - Bluebonnet Classic

Champions: Bob Fairchild & Judy Brown
Net Champions: Darrell Measel & Carol Preston

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April 2017 - Southern Classic

Champions: Bob Tillman & Isa Von Hessert
Net Champions: Charlie Egan & Linda Lago

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March 2017 - Desert Classic

Champions: Frank Beam & Carol Preston
Net Champions: Myron Bloom & Pat Robinson

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January 2017 - Sunshine Classic

Champions: Bob Keene & Carol Preston
Net Champions: Doug Grimm & Mary-Jo Keene

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December 2016 - Robert Swanson Memorial Championship

Champions: Kathy Oven & Terry Barker
Net Champions: Kate Rickards & Mark Kozel

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November 2016 - Lowcountry Classic

Champions: Jeff Zepp & Mary Ann Emerson
Net Champions: Jay Caldwell & Kay Braziel


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